DATE: 26 March 1945

32 B-24’s took off at 0844 to 0911 to bomb BRUCK A.D. LIETHA M/Y. 1 returned early because of weather, returning bombs to base. 23 dropped 41.0 tons of 100 lb GP bombs on target at 1222 hours from 19,800 to 21,500 feet. 8 A/C jettisoned 14.4 tons because of accidental release of lead bombardier. 30 returned to base at 1604 hours. None lost, none missing, 1 at a friendly field.

Rendezvoused as second group in the wing 15 minutes behind the 450th Group over SAN VITO at 0935 hours at 3,000 feet. From this point the formation went to ZARA (4407 N – 1513 2) arriving at 1103 hours at l6,200′, thence to 4640 N – 1445 E at 1154 hours 22,000 feet, to FROHNLETTEN (4717 N – 1519 2) at 1202 hours 22,000 feet, to the IP WEINER-NEUSTADT (4749 N – 1615 E) at 1216 hours at 21,000 feet. An attack was made on the target on an axis of 58° true with bombs away at 1222 hours from 19,800 to 21,500 feet. A right rally brought the formation to FRAUENVIRCHEN (4750 N – 1656 T) at 1227 hours at 20,700 feet, to KAPUVAR (4735 N – 1701 E) at 1233 hours at 20,300 feet, thence to FROHNLETTEN (4717 N – 1519 E) at 1302 hours at 18,000 feet From this point the formation was forced to dodge weather back to base.
From ZARA northward increasing middle clouds from 14,000 to 18,000 feet caused the formation to fly intermittently on instruments. North of the Alps these middle clouds disappeared. In the target area 1/10 low clouds and moderate haze interfered with visibility. 10/10 cirrus at 22,000 feet caused a lowering of bombing altitude. On return, the middle cloud deck had thickened and caused the formation to break up between the Alps and VIS Island. Over the southern Adriatic and southern Italy there were only high clouds.
20 P-51’s were sighted as escort at 4605 N – 1140 E at 1139 hours at 20,000 feet. They were last sighted at 4605 N – 1440 at 1334 hours.

Results obtained tram photo interpretation of strike photos:
718th Sq (A-1) – Pattern of bursts hit slightly 8 of M/Y with strings walking through M?Y at aiming point.
719th Sq (A-2) – This squadron did not pick up target. Its bombs were jettisoned at 4808 N – 1657 E due to accidental release by the lead bombardier.
716th Sq (B-1) – Pattern of bursts 2,000 feet NA of target with 3 hits on RR line 3,000 feet W of target.
717th Sq (B-1) – Main pattern immediately S of AP with a few bursts developing into M/Y.

A. Fighters: None.
B. Flak – S – I/A – H at target.

None lost , 10 damaged by flak (1 severe), no casualties, no victories.

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