39 B-24’s took off at 1102 hours to attack targets in area Apple [Lugo, Italy]. 39 dropped 90.84 tons of clustered fragmentation bombs on primary target from 1432 to 1435 hours from 20,000 to 22,900 feet. 39 returned to base at 1704 hours. None lost, none missing and none at friendly fields.

Rendezvoused over Manduria at 14,000 feet at 1243 hours as the second group in the Wing line. The course was as briefed to IP at Cesenatico (4412N-1224E), attacking on a heading of 302 degrees true. Rallied left to rally point at S. Piero (4352N-1159E) and proceeded out to the Adriatic at 4241N-1453E to jettison hung-up bombs, circled the Spur because of weather and returned to base.

The weather showed scattered middle clouds over Southern Italy but no clouds over water on remainder of route out. In the target area, there was 2/10 low cumulus up to 6,000 feet along the coast with the aiming point itself entirely clear. On return route there was broken low clouds over land just norht of the Spur with only lightly scattered low clouds elsewhere with unlimited ceilings.

no specific rendezvous was made with escort but approximately 20 P-51’s patrolled the target area.

Bombing was done by two attack units of two boxes each. Bomb strike photos show that the first section made up of the 716th and 717th squadrons had good coverage of the target area starting at the aiming point and extending to the Sanerno River west of Lugo. A wide area was covered by these fragmentation bursts.

The second section made up of the 718th and 719th squadrons had its first bursts starting at the aiming point and extending west to approximately 8,000 feet from Lugo. Two additional strighs of bursts cover a wide area north of the aiming point.


A. Fighters: No E/A were sighted.

B. Flak: Flak at the target was reported as S-I-H..

[Losses: None. Damage: From flak — 2 minor. Casualties: None.]

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