32 B-24’s took off to bomb Campodazzo R/R Bridge. There was one early return. Of 31 a/c over the primary target 1 a/c dropped 2.5 tons 1,000 lb GP and RDX (mixed) bombs on target at 1215 hours from 23,500 feet. Not being able to pick up primary the formation moved to the last resort target Ossoppo M/T Repair Shops and here 14 a/c dropped 35 tons of bombs at 1217 to 1237 hours from 23,000 to 24,000 feet. The remaining 16 a/c being unable to identify the latter target returned to base, 13 returning their bombs and 3 jettisoned on the return route. 31 a/c returned to base at 1540 hours. None lost, none missing and none at friendly fields.

Rendezvoused as Wing lead in front of 450th Group over Cazza on course at 15,000 feet at 1018 hours. Course to target was as briefed but keypoint time was 10 minutes late due to heavy head winds. Attacked on the briefed axis but the terrain features prevented the identification of the target, so the formation elected to proceed to the last resort target. Passing over the primary target, 1 a/c toggled when its bombardier understood that the signal for bombs away had been given. The formation rallied right as briefed, passed over I.P. Maniago and attacked Ossoppo on an axis of 70 degrees true. The 718th Squadron (A-2) not being able to make certain of its target identification elected to hold its bombs. The 717th Squadron (B-1) failing to identify the target on its first run did a 360 degree turn and followed the 716th Squadron (B-2) over the target droppong at 1237 hours from 23,400 feet. The 716th Squadron (B-2) being unable to pick up the target satisfactorily elected, as did the 718th Squadron, not to drop and returned its bombs to base. The formation rallied right off the secondary target to 4609N-1352E thence to 4546N-1405E, to 4522N-1403E, to 4507N-1330E, to briefed turnpoint 4440N-1330E, thence to base.

Approximately 25 P-38’s met the formation at 1135 hours at 4530N-1300E and departed at 1310 hours at 4507N-1337E.

The weather to and from the target was generally clear with the target areas CAVU with visibility over 30 miles.

The following is the photo interpretation of the results by squadron:

719th Sq (A-1) 31 bursts plotted in open areas approximately 4,000 feet South and Southeast of the target with 3 of these bursts being in southeast edge of town.

717th Sq (B-1) 35 bursts plotted approximately 2,000 feet east of target. 10 of these bursts are in eastern portion of barracks area probably destroying or seriously damaging 3 large warehouse type building. 3 its on runway of A/D.


A. Fighters: No encounters.

B. Flak: Primary flak was reported as M-I/A-H of 1 to 3 minutes duration. Secondary: none.

[Losses: None. Damage: From flak — 6 minor. Casualties: None.]

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