40 B-24’s took off at 0955 to 1016 hours to attack targets ST-9 and ST-19 [Bologna, Italy] in close cooperation with Allied Ground Forces. None returned early. 40 dropped 90 tons of 250 lb GP bombs on primary target at 1356 to 1358 hours from 19,500 feet to 21,800 feet. 38 returned to base at 1705 hours. None lost, none missing, 2 at friendly fields.

Rendezvoused over Manduria at 1100 hours at 5,000 feet as Wing lead before the 450th Group. The formation followed the briefed course to the IP, Pistoia (4356N-1055E) at 1346 hours at 20,500 feet. An attack was made on the target on axes of 20 degrees and 23 degrees true. A left rally brought the formation back to briefed course to base.

Weather for the entire route and in the target area was CAVU.

No specific escort was briefed but approximately 15 P-51’s were sighted in the target area.


Bombing was done visually by the individual boxes in trail. Bomb strike photos show the target areas to be well covered with excellent concentrations. Results by squadrons:

719th Sq (A-1) A very good concentration around the aiming point and extending slightly north. Pattern covers an area approximately 1,500 feet by 500 feet.

718th Sq (A-2) An excellent concentration of bursts completely covers the aiming point and immediate area with the pattern covering an area 1,400 feet by 700 feet.

717th Sq (B-1) Bomb strikes were approximately 2,000 feet south of the aiming point with a good pattern covering an area 1,300 feet by 600 feet.

716th Sq (B-2) A good concentration starting at the aimin point and covering an area of 1,700 feet by 1,200 feet. The extended pattern was caused by this squadron encountering violent prop wash at bombs away.


A. Fighters: None.

B. Flak:

719 Squadron (A-1), Target time:1356; Axis of Attack: 23 degrees; Bomb Alt: 20,500 feet; Flak: S-I-H; No aircraft damaged.

718 Squadron (A-2), Target time:1357; Axis of Attack: 23 degrees; Bomb Alt: 21,200 feet; Flak: S-I-H; No aircraft damaged.

717 Squadron (B-1), Target time:1358; Axis of Attack: 21 degrees; Bomb Alt: 20,100 feet; Flak: S-I/A-H; No aircraft damaged.

716 Squadron (B-2), Target time:1359; Axis of Attack: 20 degrees; Bomb Alt: 19,400 feet; Flak: S-A-H; One aircraft severely damaged, one aircraft slightly damaged.

[Losses: None. Damage: From flak — 2 (1 severe, 1 minor) . Casualties: None.]

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