Mission Number: 25

Date: 15 Feb ’44

Target: Poggibonsi, Italy M/Y

449th A/C Over Target: 31

Tons of Bombs Dropped: 45 GP

Flak: None

Enemy A/C Destroyed: 0

449th A/C Lost: 0

Results: Poor

Thirty-seven B-24H’s took off at 0717 hours to bomb Poggibonsi, Italy, M/Y. Five returned early, four returned bombs, one jettisoned bombs in the sea. Eighteen dropped 45 tons of 500-lb GP .1 and .025 on the primary target, three dropped 7-2 tons of 500-lb GP .1 and .025 on Coels Di Val D Elsa and three dropped 7-1/2 tons on targets of opportunity as listed below. The list of targets and tonnage are as follows:

(1) Poggibonsi M/Y / 31 ships / 45 tons

(2) Colle Di Val D Elsa / 3 ships / 7.5 tons

(3) RR Intersection (4455N – 1045E) / 1 ship / 2.5 tons

(4) RR (4256N – 1056E) / 1 ship / 2.5 tons

(5) RR Station at Massa Marritrma (4303N – 1054E) / 1 ship / 2.5 tons

Total : 60 tons

The above bombs were dropped on primary target at 1053 hours from 20,800 to 22,500 feet.

The flight was made without escort and without other groups. Upon reaching the target area the target was found to be partially covered by cloud and ground haze, and the second section, stacked up, was blinded by the vapor trails of the first section. This all made for a poor bombing visibility. The attack on the primary target was made from an axis of 72° True. Colle Di Val D Elsa was struck at the same time the primary target was attacked, while the 3 targets of opportunity were attacked at 1104 hours on the route back from the target.

Photo coverage was not obtained. Of the three cameras – two were not exposed and the other developed a blank.

Visual observation claimed some hits on M/Y at Poggibonsi. At Colle Di Val D Elsa one claimed to have hit the railroad while two could not observe results.

The three who attacked targets of opportunity claimed only near hits on their respective targets.

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