32 B-24’s took off at 0753 to 0808 hours to bomb Linz Main Station Sidings. Finding the primary target obscured by smoke the formation bombed alternate number one, Wels Station M/Y. One a/c returned early. 31 dropped 60 tons of 500 lb RDX bombs on target at 1251 to 1253 hours from 23,500 to 25,500 feet. 30 returned to base at 1537 hours, and one a/c returned to base at 1645 hours after stopping at foggia for gas. None lost, missing or at friendly fields.

Rendezvousedover Manduria on course to San Vito as the second group in the Wing formation behind the 450th, thence to keypoint Ledenice (4509N-1451E), to turnpoint Tarvisio (4631N-1335E) to turnpoint Edling (4805N-1210E) to turnpoint Borfen (4817N-1209E) to turnpoint Vilshofen (4839N-1311E) to I.P. Wegscheib (4836N-1347E) to primary target of Linz, making approach on an axis of 133 degrees true. Finding the primary target smoke covered and making visual target identification impossible the formation turned off the bomb run to attack the first alternate, Wels Station M/Y making the attack on an axis of 163 degrees true. The rally was right, thence to turnpoint St. Lorenzen (4709N-1424E) to turnpoint Ledenice (4509N-1451E) to base.

Rendezvoused with 30 P-51’s at 1133 hours at 4631N-1335E. Escort is reported as departing at 1325 hours at 4630N-1435E. The escort was excellent.

On the route out there were scattered middle level clouds from 11,000 to 15,000 feet in the Fiume area with 3/10 low cloud north of Alps, and 3/10 low cloud over area of both the primary and alternate target of Wels, with Wels free of cloud. Visibility at the target was over 30 miles, with wind at altitude from 320 degrees at 30 MPH. Same conditions prevailed on return route as on route out, with CAVU conditions over south Adriatic and south Italy.


Bombstrike photos show:

717th Sq. (A-1) 38 bursts plotted in residential area of town up to 1,200 feet south and southeast of aiming point. One hit on tracks at West choke point.

716th Sq (A-2) Very good concentration of 38 bursts in immediate area of aiming point with at least 14 bursts on RR tracks and probable damage to north end of road overpass.

719th Sq (B-1) Due to heavy smoke coverage only 19 bursts may be plotted with at least 5 of these bursts being on choke point trackage immediately west of aiming point.

718th Sq (B-2) Heavy concentration of 52 bursts across M/Y and into residential area. At least 10 of these are hits into M/Y near overpass.

photos show about 250 units in the M/Y at the main station.


A. Fighters: No E/A were seen.

B. Flak: No flak was encountered.

[Losses: None. Damage: None. Casualties: None.]

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