Thirty-nine B-24’s took off at 0719 hours to bomb Novi Ligure M/Y. None returned early. Primary target was obscured by 9/10 cumulus. Thirty-nine dropped 69.7 tons of 100-lb GP bombs with .1 and .025 fusing on Savona Harbor, alternate target, at 1221 hours from 19,000 to 22,400′. One Jettisoned two 100-lb bombs just off West Coast of Corsica at 1235 hours from 14,000′, due to malfunction. One jettisoned eight 100-lb bombs at 1300 hours, 13,500′, between Cape Corse and Island of Pianosa, due to malfunction. Thirty-nine returned 1523 hours.

Rendezvoused with 98th Group at 0831 Baker, 4,000′, over San Vito, thence on course to key point San Felice Cerceo (4113N – 1305E) at 10,000′ at 0956 Baker to Pianosa Island (4235N – 1005E) to Rolgliano (4257N – 0925E) to Ormea (4408N – 0754E) to Adlba (4442N – 0802E) to Initial Point Felizzano (4454N – 0826E) to Novi Ligure, turned right and continued south to Voltri, turned right and attacked Savona on an axis of 240°. Rallied left and continued on course to Rovigilano then reciprocal of route out to base.

Rendezvoused with 17 P-38’s at 1108 Baker at Rogliano, 16,000′. Escort departed NE of Corsica at 1253 hours, 14,000′.

Visual observations indicate generally good results. Fires were seen in harbor area as this group left. Bomb strike photos show that industrial area and dock installations were well covered with many hits on warehouses, factory buildings and railroad tracks. There were two hits on a tanker tied up in basin. A large RR Bridge across river was hit at least four times. Over the primary target this group experienced no flak.

Over the alternate target, Savona Harbor, slight, inaccurate, heavy flak was encountered.

[Enemy Fighters: None. No losses, damage, casualties or victories reported.]

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