Forty-two B-24’s took off at 0545 – 0620 hours to bomb Bratislavia Apollo Oil Refinery. Thirty-nine dropped 95-3/8 tons of clustered 250-lb GP bombs, fused .01 nose and mixed tail .1 and .025, on Bratislavia Apollo Oil Refinery at 1015 – 1017 hours from 21,300 to 22,900 feet. Two early returns jettisoned 5 tons, one jettisoned 2-1/2 tons en route back because of malfunction at target, and five others jettisoned 2-1/8 tons because of malfunctions. Forty returned to base at 1308 hours.

Rendezvoused with other groups of Wing over San Pan at 6,000 feet at 0639 hours. Thence to key point at Cazziol Island (4245N – 1643E), to turn point at Balatonfokajar (4701N – 1812E), to IP to target, attacking on axis of 280° True. Rallied left and continued to Cyelldomolk (4716N – 1709E) to key point at Cazziol Island (4245N – 1643E) to base. No specific rendezvous was made with escort but friendly fighters were seen in target area.

Intense smoke and fires covered target area but bombs from this group went into smoke with very few wild hits appearing on photographs. 20 bursts in river near bridge at I/10, 20 bursts in residential area at G/14, and approximately 10 bursts in open area at O/12. Tremendous fires were reported with smoke rising to 18,000 feet which could be seen 130 miles away.

Approximately 25 to 30 E/A were seen, consisting of about 10 FW-190’s, 10 ME-109’s, 4 JU-88’s, 4 ME-210’s, and 2 ME-110’s. The E/A were sighted from IP to target area and 22 attacked this formation. E/A attacked from all around the clock, high and low, mostly singly but in two’s and three’s in some cases. FW-190s carried belly tanks which were dropped just before attacking. FW-190s attacked from 5 o’clock level, turned belly up, and dived away. Some attacks were made by E/A from a line abreast of bomber formation, then turning in to attack in trail toward formation. Markings: one ME-109 was reported as having a black fuselage with silver wings; another ME-109 was reported as silver with red bolt of lightning painted on side; other E/A were reported as all black; and other E/A were reported as having orange wing tips.

Over the target moderate, accurate, heavy flak of aimed type was reported and formation was in flak area about five minutes.

[No losses. Twenty (20) planes suffered minor damage from flak. Eight (8) planes suffered damage from enemy fighters with two being severely damaged. Four casualties, slightly wounded. Five ME-109’s and 2 JU-88’s destroyed. 1 ME-109 probably destroyed and 1 ME-109 damaged.]

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