[No mission report was located in 449th Bomb Group files for this mission. The following is reconstructed from the mission file records, primarily the Time-Off/Time-Down log. Thirty-seven B-24’s took off from 0509 to 0531 hours to bomb the submarines and submarine pens at Toulon, France. There were five early returns. Thirty-two aircraft reached the target area but were unable to locate the target because of a complete cloud cover. Twenty returned to base between 1329 hours and 1331 hours. Eight returned from 1440 – 1850 hours after stopping to refuel on return trip. Two returned on 26 June after remaining overnight at Corsica and Naples. One returned on 29 June after being force down at Corsica because of engine problems. Bombs were returned to base. No enemy resistance was encountered. No losses. No damage.]

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