Forty B-24’s took off at 0635 – 0726 hours to bomb Budapest-Vecses A/D. Impassable weather caused the formation to bomb the alternate target Brod M/Y. Two returned early. Thirty-eight dropped 94-5/8 tons of 250-lb GP bombs (.1 and instantaneous fuses) on target at 1010 hours from 19,800 to 21,500 feet. One jettisoned 3/8 tons to stay in formation. One early return returned its bombs to base and the other jettisoned 2-1/2 tons in the Adriatic. Thirty-eight returned to base at 1206 hours. None lost. None missing. None at friendly fields.

Rendezvoused with 450th Group over Manduria at 6,000 feet at 0739 hours. From there the course was to San Vito and on course to Majkovi (4246N – 1756E) at 0833 hours, to 4436N – 1841E at 0914 hours, to 4520N – 1848E where clouds up to 25,000 feet were encountered. A turn was made toward Brod and the M/Y there attacked at an axis of 256°. Rallied left after target and continued on course to 4245N – 1726E to base.

The weather was clear to the Yugoslavia mountains where 2/10 cumulus was encountered. Near Burkin along the Danube 9/10 altostratus at 22,000 feet and higher were encountered. In the Brod area there were 9/10 altostratus at 22,000 feet and 3/10 altocumulus at 17,000 feet.

Fighter escort for the entire mission was excellent.

Strike photos reveal that on TC-8-103 at 9-10/PQR the greatest concentration north of tracks with a few hits in choke point at 5-6/GH and 2 groups of bursts on both sides of M/Y with few hits in edges. At 15/IM heavy concentration in town.

Enemy fighters: None.

Flak over the target S/M-I-H. The formation was in flak 3 minutes.

[No losses. Damage from flak : 12 (none serious). No casualties.]

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