Twenty-seven B-24’s took off at 0748 – 0815 hours to bomb Toulon Submarine Pens and Installations. One returned early. Twenty-five dropped 59-1/2 tons of 500-pound (.1 and .01 fusing) on target at 1321 – 1322 hours from 21,000 – 22,000 feet. Of the twenty-five a/c over the target, two jettisoned 3 tons in order to keep in formation (one a/c is missing and reported to have turned back before target, its bombs (2-1/2 tons) therefore are not accounted for). Twenty-two returned at 1604 – 2110 hours. Three at friendly fields (one crashed-landed) and one is missing.

Rendy with 98th at 0857 hours at San Vito at 7,000 feet as the third Group in the Wing formation. Thence 10 to 24 miles to left of briefed course to avoid weather, crossing coast line at 4100N – 1358E, thence to 4200N – 0927E thence to 4300N – 0530E making a right turn into the target, attacking on an axis of 68° True. The rally was a sharp, thence to Corsica 5 miles right of course to 4102N – 1356E to Base. Of the 25 a/c over the target 13 were compelled to land at friendly fields for refueling. 1 a/c crash landed at Corsica (as a result of flak damage over the target), killing 1 wounded gunner and seriously injuring the bombardier.

Escort reported as follows: 47 P-51’s and P-47’s at 4140N – 1125E at 14,000 feet at 1110 hours. 35 P-38’s and P-51’s at 4236N – 0620E at 1236 hours. P-38’s were also reported at 1220 hours at 4220N – 0640E at 21,500 feet. 25 P-38’s were reported at 1240 hours at 4245N – 0542E. Escort reported to have departed about halfway back to Corsica.

Target area well covered. 10 hits in dock area, 11 hits in stores area, 6 hits on dry dock, 4 hits on warehouses, 6 hits on coal depot installations. Photos confirm. Smoke over target prevented accurate plotting of further strikes. A non-effective smoke screen was operating in the entire area. Probable that a high ground wind prevented the screen from being effective.

Fighters: None encountered by this Group. At 1305 hours from 22,000 feet at 4245N – 0530E two unidentified fighters were seen attacking a B-24, not of this Group.

Flak: Over the target this group experienced intense, moderate to accurate, heavy flak. No other flak was encountered.

Miscellaneous observations:

1. At 1310 hours from 21,000 feet at 4300N – 0540E what looked like a bomber hit water and sank in about 30 seconds.
2. At 1245 hours about 5 miles south of the target one chute was reported in the water.
3. At 1253 hours at 4230N – 0610E, 1 B-24 from the high box of the first section of this group peeled off. At 1252 hours at 4240N – 0550E the following message was heard: “Mayday – Mayday- will have to bail out.”
4. A P-51 was seen to crash at 1400 hours in the hills in Corsica.

Total Losses:

From Flak: 0
From Fighters: 0
Other Reasons: 1, crashed landed after being damaged by flak.
1 missing.


From Flak: 1 severe (lost in crash landing), 13 minor.
From Fighters: 0
Other reasons: 0


From Flak:

Killed: 0
Wounded: 2, Ball turret gunner and nose gunner. A/C #67 nose gunner subsequently killed in crash landing in Corsica.

From Fighters: 0
Other Reasons: Bombardier in a/c #67 seriously injured in crash landing.

Victories: None.

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