Twenty-eight B-24’s took off at 0615 – 0636 to bomb Budapest/Ferencvaros M/Y. Twenty-seven dropped 65-1/2 tons of 1,000-lb GP bombs (.1 nose and non-delay and .025 tail fuses) on target at 1006 hours from 23,000 – 24,500 feet. Of the twenty-seven A/C over target, one jettisoned 1-1/2 tons and one returned 1/2 ton to base. Twenty-seven returned at 1242 – 1307 hours. One lost. None missing. None at friendly fields.

Rendy with 98th over San Vito at 7,000 feet at 0715 hours as the fourth group in the Wing. Thence to Scedro Isle (4305N – 1643E) at 12,000 feet at 0820 hours, thence to Banjaluka (4447N – 1713E) to Varoslod (4709N – 1739E) to IP Bicske (4729N – 1838E) attacking on an axis of 95° True. The rally was right, thence to 4719N – 1930E to Palanka (4515N – 1923E), thence slightly left of course to 4225N – 1830E to Base.

Rendy with 30 P-38’s at 1001 hours at 23,000 feet at the IP Bicske, departed at 1146 hours. 15 P-38’s were reported at 0843 hours at 4400N – 1700E at 16,500 feet, departed at 1120 hours at 4330N – 1845E.

Enemy fighters, ME-109’s, ME-210’s, JU-88’s and FW-190’s, estimated at from 75 to 100 were seen from the time of turn onto the IP, to target and after rally. P-38 escort did an excellent job of cover, but were reported to be out numbered, consequently some fighters broke through to encounter this group, the majority of attacks being directed against ‘B’ section. The majority of the enemy fighters were ME-109’s. The first encounters taking place between IP and target.

One A/C of ‘A’ section reported an attack by 8 FW-190’s who made one pass coming in at 11 o’clock high and breaking out at 5 o’clock. On and during the rally the attacks grew in intensity and aggressiveness. ME-109’s and FW-190’s making passes at 6 o’clock high to level. Rockets were seen during the attack. 3 pairs of 6 ME-109’s attacked from 5 o’clock high. JU-88’s were reported standing off at extreme range and firing 20-mm. Claims during the engagements are 4 ME-109’s destroyed and 2 ME-109’s probably destroyed.

Over the target this group experienced intense, accurate, heavy flak of 3 to 5 minutes duration. Flak was also encountered at the IP (Bicske) slight, inaccurate, heavy. The flak was both white and black in color. A few high white bursts were also reported.

[One B-24 lost to fighters. 9 received minor damage from flak. Tail gunner A/C #72 slightly wounded from fighters. 4 ME-109’s destroyed. 2 ME-109’s probably destroyed.]

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