My Grandfather was a War hero to me! He was in the 15th Army Air Forces 449th Flying Horseman 718th bombardment Squadron! He flew the 5th mission on “Hoppy”. He was left waist gunner of the B-24-H aircraft #34. Bailout 15,000 ft. He was MIA near Split, Yugoslavia. He eventually was taken as prisoner. He survived some how and not sure when he made it back! He has a Purple heart that was issued to him while in a VA hospital by President Regan. He unfortunately passed on August 5th 1981. I was only 11 years old. His funeral I will never forget the Jet Air fighters that flew over in memory for him! He definitely went threw a lot we may not understand. I honor him for fighting for our country! I’m a true Patriot because of him!

Jennifer Spinelli
Rochester, NY

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