My Dad late in his life told me a lot about many of the missions he went on deep into Romania as well as Germany. He hated the italian Alps as he said they were menacing. On one mission they were way behind the squadron over the Alps with two engines shot out and they were easy prey for German fighters. He further stated that the upper gunner saw two planes breaking down on them and they immediately thought they were German so they all racked their .50 caliber machine guns ready to fight. The planes swooped in on each side of them flying alongside however as they were P-51s. (Note: He told me this way before the Tuskegee Airmen ever gained any fame). He stated that both P-51s has red tails and the black pilot was waving at him in the tail section and giving him a thumbs up as they escorted them safely back to Grottaglie Airbase. True story-every word.

John A Carter
Plymouth Indiana

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