Alexander Crew

Standing (L to R): Charles Moore (FE); Robert Swanson (NG); Carl Poll (BG); Harry Balfe (RO); Erwin Gomer (WG). Kneeling (L to R): Morton Naftulin (N); Ray Pownall (CP); Bob Burns (B); Bill Alexander (P)


Alexander Crew

Crew not in order: William C Alexander (P); Ray Pownall (CP); Morton R Nafultin (N); Harold W Burns (B); Charles C Moore (FE); Harry R Balfe (R/O); Erwin Gomer (LW); Carl F Poll (BG); Robert S Swanson (NG); Oscar M Wilkins (TG)


  • ALEXANDER, William C, Pilot
  • POWNALL, Ray, Co-Pilot
  • NAFTULIN, Morton R, Navigator
  • BURNS, Harold W Bob, Bombardier
  • MOORE, Charles C, Ft/Eng – KIA 05 Sept 44
  • BALFE, Harry R, Rt Waist R/Op
  • GOMER, Erwin Ed, LW Gunner
  • POLL, Carl F, Ball Gunner
  • SWANSON, Robert S, Nose Gunner
  • WILKINS, Oscar M, Tail Gunner

716th Squadron

716logoJohn A. Silverstein (changed his name after the war to John (Jack) Steele) was C.O. from June ‘43 to July ’44. He was followed by Charles E. Harton from July ‘44 to November ’44. Harton had served as the acting C.O. for the 719th squadron while Swan was in the hospital recovering from wounds during May ‘44 to July ‘44. Lloyd M. Bentsen (who became a U.S. Senator from Texas, U. S. Treasurer after the war, and U.S. Vice Presidential Candidate) was the C.O. from November ‘44 until February ’45. Robert Johnson took over from mid-‘45 to V.E. Day in May ’45.


A replacement ship assigned to Alexander’s crew and acquired into the 449th on 17 July ’44. The ship was named for the pilot’s wife. Crew chief was Sgt. Tony Lapelle. The “Princess” was downed on 16 November ’44 with Austin’s crew aboard. 11 KIA. MACR 9896.

Pictures of Princess Helen


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