Standing (L to R): S. Swarb (TG); J. T. DeMonic (BG); H. J. Davy (TTG); E. A. Catagni (RWG); E. V. Green (RO). Kneeling (L to R): B. J. Harbaugh (N); S. E. Bills (P); V. L. Chudzinski (CP); F. N. Catanzarite (B)

  • BILLS, Stanley, E., Pilot
  • CHUDZINSKI, Vincent, L., Co-Pilot
  • HARBAUGH, Bernard, J., Navigator
  • CATANZARITE, Frank, N., Bombardier
  • DAVY, H., J. (Jim) Flight/Eng.
  • GREEN, E.V., Radio/Op.
  • CATOGNI (CATAGNI), David A., Waist Gunner
  • DeMONIC, John, T., Ball Gunner
  • SWARB, S., Tail Gunner

718th Squadron

718logoWilliam Nosker was the original C.O. from July ‘43 until April ‘44 when he was transferred to the 47th Wing Headquarters as Assistant Operations Officer. Nosker was killed when the 376th Bomb Group B-24 that he was aboard crashed on takeoff on 15 August ‘44. Rexford Tompkins, the original Operations Officer for the 718th, became the C.O. in April ‘44 and remained so until September ’44. Charles Jordan finished out the war as the 718th C. O. from September ‘44 through May ’45.


A replacement aircraft that arrived 8 Feb 44. Crashed near Split, Yugoslavia on 26 July 44 with Stewart/Bills crew aboard after flak damage over Graz, Austria. 1 KIA, 3 POW, 8 EVD. MACR 7340. Previously reported as “Bucket of Bolt [1]”.

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