Dalrymple Crew

Standking (L to R): Stanley Kennett (N); Jesse Dalrymple (P); George Ross (CP); Daniel Lamus (F/E); Milt Goldstein (B). Front Row (L to R): John Gougeon (G); J. P. Parker (G); Lawrence Frederick (RO); Rudolph Boyance (G); Robert Hendrie (G)

  • DALRYMPLE, Jessie W, Pilot – POW 27 Dec 44 Dalrymple
  • ROSS, George, Co-Pilot – POW 27 Dec 44 Dalrymple
  • KENNETT, Stanley C., Navigator – KIA 27 Dec 44 Dalrymple
  • GOLDSTEIN, Milt, Bombardier – KIA 27 Dec 44 Dalrymple
  • LAMUS, Daniel D., UT – KIA 27 Dec 44 Dalrymple
  • FREDERICK, Lawrence E., Radio/Op/R. Waist – POW 27 Dec 44 Dalrymple
  • BOYANCE, Rudolph E., Nose Gunner
  • GOUGEON, John L, Ball Gunner
  • HENDRIE, Robert B., TT – KIA 27 Dec 44 Dalrymple
  • PARKER, J P, NT – KIA 27 Dec 44 Dalrymple

716th Squadron

716logoJohn A. Silverstein (changed his name after the war to John (Jack) Steele) was C.O. from June ‘43 to July ’44. He was followed by Charles E. Harton from July ‘44 to November ’44. Harton had served as the acting C.O. for the 719th squadron while Swan was in the hospital recovering from wounds during May ‘44 to July ‘44. Lloyd M. Bentsen (who became a U.S. Senator from Texas, U. S. Treasurer after the war, and U.S. Vice Presidential Candidate) was the C.O. from November ‘44 until February ’45. Robert Johnson took over from mid-‘45 to V.E. Day in May ’45.


Acquired 4 October ’44 and assigned to A. D. Allen crew. While flying a mission against Brenner Pass in northern Italy on 27 December ’44 with Dalrymple’s crew aboard she received a direct flak burst. Only the two pilots and the radio operator survived. The pilots squeezed out of the damaged aircraft through the pilot’s windows and the radio operator was blown out as the ship disintegrated. All three landed on separate mountain tops and subsequently became POWs. As recently as 1985 when Dalrymple made a visit to the area the villagers still remembered the incident! 7 KIA, 3 POW. MACR 10743.

Pictures of Fearless Fosdick


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