Standing (L to R): Fergus (P); Kervin (CP); Truemper (N); Finch (B). Front Row (L to R): Corso (BG); Bolden (WG); Littlejohn (RO); Walker (WG); Cooley (TG); Phillips (FE)

Standing: George T. Fergus (P); Truemper; Kervin. Kneeling (L to R): Walker; Bolden; Cooley; Caldwell; Littlejohn.

  • FERGUS, JR, George T., Pilot – POW 29 May 44, Fergus
  • KERVIN, James R., Co-Pilot – POW 29 May 44, Fergus
  • TRUEMPER, Joe B, Navigator – POW 29 May 44, Fergus
  • FINCH, Henry P, Bombardier
  • PHILLIPS, JR, Ruben C., Flight/Eng
  • LITTLEJOHN, George F., Radio/Op – POW 29 May 44, Fergus
  • BOLDEN, Russell H., AE – POW 29 May 44, Fergus
  • COOLEY, Edward S.
  • CORSO, Vito
  • WALKER, Donald, Gunner
  • ROBINSON, Foss H, Bombardier – POW 29 May 44, Fergus (Not Original Crew)
  • FOX, Harold, Gunner- POW 29 May 44, Fergus (Not Original Crew)
  • CALDWELL, Floyd B, Gunner- POW 29 May 44, Fergus (Not Original Crew)

719th Squadron

719logoDavid Councill was the original C.O. from July ‘43 to 8 December ’43 when he and his crew were lost during the movement overseas. Most of the 719th officer and NCO staff were among the 14 men lost aboard Councill’s aircraft. This placed the 719th in dire straits in January ’44. Arthur B. Swan took over as C.O. and began sorting things out in January ’44. He served as the C. O. until he received a serious combat wound on 23 April ‘44. Charles E. Harton from the 717th Squadron was selected to be the acting commander until Art Swan could reassume the position. When Swan was promoted to higher echelon, Harton continued as the acting C.O. until July ‘44. Harold R. Loughran, a lead crew pilot from the 717th became the 719th C.O. in July ‘44 and remained through September ’44. In September ‘44, William Allen became the C.O. and remained so until May ‘45.

Two Ton Tessie

Two Ton Tessie Two Ton Tessie

An original cadre ship acquired 27 October ’43 and assigned to Fergus’s crew who flew her overseas in December ’43. Downed on the mission of 29 May ’44 to Weiner-Neustadt, Austria, with Fergus’s crew aboard. 10 POW. MACR 5461.

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