L to R: Leroy Davidson (CP); Linclon Abraham (TG); Mont Harrison (E); Joe Boarman (RO); Len Ashworth (BG); Vern Samuelson (P); John Bennet (WG); Bill Aaron (WG); Don Becker (N). *Not in photograph, Larry Eckl (B)

  • SAMUELSON, Vernon H., Pilot
  • DAVIDSON, Leroy T., Co-Pilot – Awarded27 May 1944
  • BECKER, Donald A., Navigator
  • ECKL, Lawrence O., Bombardier
  • HARRISON, Montague, Top Turret
  • BOARMAN, Joseph L., Nose Gunner
  • AARON, William B, Waist Gunner
  • BENNETT, John C., Lt Waist
  • ASHWORTH, Lenville D., Ball Turret Gunner
  • ABRAHAM, Lincoln, Tail Gunner

Lincoln Abraham

Donald A. Becker

William B. Aaron

717th Squadron

717logoEdward J. Sass, Jr. was the origi­nal C.O. from June ‘43 to December ’44. Shelby McArthur became C.O. in December ‘44 and remained so until February ‘45. From February ‘45 to May ’45, Wilbur Parker was the C.O.

Cinnsy’s Margie

An original cadre ship acquired on 20 October ’43 and assigned to Samuelson’s crew who flew her overseas in December ’43. Named after the pilot’s wife, Mrs. Marguerite Samuelson. Made a crash landing on 12 August ’44 at Tarquina airfield in Northern Italy with Miller’s crew aboard returning from a mission to Toulon, France. The crew returned to Grottaglie aboard a 719th aircraft flown by Aldrich. “Cinnsy’s Margie” was salvaged on 12 August ’44.

Liberator ‘Cinnsy’s Margie’ taxies past a pile of earth at Grottaglie Italy, February 1944

Lt. Leroy T. Davidson, Co-Pilot, Lt. Vernon H. Samuelson, Pilot

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